what we do

Riding on the experience and expertise of its Managing Director and Associates, and leveraging its partners and extensive network within the marketing industry, Lucent provides businesses with market insights using contemporary market research tools. It helps to develop and execute brand and marketing strategy to drive the growth of their brands, from conception to launch and various stages of the product lifecycle. As part of this practice area, Lucent engages in the development and exposure of innovative marketing collaterals and communication materials.

Lucent supports small and medium enterprises with end to end processes,ideas and commercial strategies that help to drive profitable growth of their businesses.

As an enabler of its practice areas of business development and brand management, Lucent supports companies via the recruitment and building of people capability.  Suitable candidates are sourced from existing database, engaging web-based resources and leveraging the extensive network of Lucent’s Managing Director and other Associates. Lucent builds People capability via 1:1 coaching, seminars, speaking engagements and other training and development tools.